Winner of the Travel inspirator of the Year 2019 – enjoyer of life

Dela inlägget:

Hurray! won the award as Travel insirator of the Year – enjoyer of life – in Apollo’s big competition for travel bloggers!

The jury’s motivation:

With inspiring, detailed and wonderful guides both from abroad and gems in Sweden, this person influences to the best things in life. A given inspiration for enjoyable trips, luxury restaurants and local gems. With thoughtful photos and well-written texts, Christian Muda with, enjoyer of life of the Year 2019

Many thanks to all the readers, friends and colleagues who voted for me so I came to the final. I am so grateful for all the support and all the votes!

More winners in This Year’s Travel Inspirator

My travel blogger colleague Anna Ström Åhlén who runs the blog New York – My Bite of the Big Apple not only took home the category she competed in – Local Expert of the Year. She also won the competition’s most prestigious prize – Travel Inspirer of the Year 2019. Very well deserved, her New York – blog is really inspiring and a perfect guide if you are planning a trip there.

In the category of Discoverer of the Year, it was the blog who took home the prize. Congratulations also to you!

How the Travel Inspirer of the Year competition worked

Apollo sent me an email before the competition and suggested that I register in the category that I thought was best suited, which I did. Enjoyer of life were given as ”my” category!

In total we were just over 30 blogs in this category that competed and here began step 1, where you would collect votes to become the top 10. Jag wrote blog posts about it, asked for votes on, among other things, Facebook, Linkedin and via the newsletter I send out every week.

I was one of the ten blogs with the most votes and then the votes were reset. Now you would ask for votes again to get in the top 3. Even tougher competition, but thanks to support in the form of voices from readers, friends and colleagues, I managed to get up to the top 3. Of these, the jury selected a winner.

The jury of the Year’s Travel Inspirer

In the final, a jury selected the winners, consisting of

  • Daniella Dansson – who runs Nya Hemmet – one of Sweden’s largest interior and travel accounts on Instagram.
  • Staffan Björklund who is also on Instagram and is a real discoverer
  • Alex Waltner who travels full time and runs Sweden’s largest travel blog Swedish Nomad.

The price was a trip to Dubai, a country I’ve been to several times and more than happy to go back to!

Again – many thanks to all who voted. And to the jury of course because you chose me and the nice motivation!

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