Spontaneous dinner at Lilla Ego’s outdoor terrace

Lovely spring weather of the week, so me and my wife took the opportunity to have a spontaneous dinner at Lilla Egos outdoor terrace. Outside the restaurant on Västmannagatan there are now four tables with heaters, with so far distance between the tables that you can hardly hear what the neighbors next door are talking about!

Restaurant death hasn’t hit Little Ego so hard. Tom Sjöstedt tells us that restaurants in the city clearly have bigger problems, as they have more guests who usually go there for lunch or after work. Now these officials work from home and the restaurants are empty. Lilla Ego has also not been so dependent on large groups or corporate customers, but has more smaller company and couples, who have not booked off to the same extent. However, Lilla Ego’s food cellar – a secluded room (where we celebrated my father-in-law’s 60th birthday a couple of years ago) is almost completely empty – where it was previously often companies that had larger dinners.

I wasn’t super hungry, so I brought in two starters. Soured herring with artichoke and feta (160:-) and a favorite since before – tuna with wasabi, coconut and cauliflower (185:-). To it a glass of dry riesling that fit perfectly. My wife also took her tuna but for the main course a new dish on the menu since we were here last – raw horse with rhubarb, celery and parmesan (275:-). So amazingly good and I was actually measured on my small starters, which were packed with flavors and fat – more satiating than you might think!

Little Ego's outdoor seating
raw horse with rhubarb
Little Ego's outdoor seating
Tuna with wasabi

So great that the outdoor seating season is here! The only ”problem” is that you can rarely book a table outdoors without often having to wait a while – for us it took only 15 minutes,

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