Bar DoMa – restaurant DoMa’s living room downstairs

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Restaurant DoMa started as a home restaurant in an apartment on Nybrogatan at the home of pastry chef Dorotea Malmegård and her partner Viktor Lejons. In February 2020, the business was moved down to a restaurant on the same street and some time ago they expanded with a bar downstairs – Bar DoMa.

Down here you can have a drink before dinner – or eat your whole dinner if you have not managed to book a table in the main restaurant upstairs – or if you are a larger group.

Bar DoMa – restaurant DoMa’s living room

On Saturday, my wife and I went for a spontaneous dinnerto DoMa around 6 p.m. We first asked if there was a table up in the regular restaurant, but it was fully booked, so we went down to the bar. We got the last regular table for two. But you can also sit down at the bar.

Bar DoMa
Bar DoMa

Hors d’oeuvres in DoMa’s bar

DoMa’s bar – or living room as they call it – serves hors d’oeuvres that are good either with just a glass of wine, or as a whole dinner if you bring in a bunch of them. We started with a glass of white and some ”snacks”. Deep-fried Brussels sprouts with goat’s cheese and then a classic dish that has been around ever since the restaurant opened in the apartment: toast on brioche, mushrooms & grated autumn truffles. Delicious!

Food in DoMa’s bar

The next part of the menu is called ”food” and there are 8 starter-sized dishes. We took three to split, coming in one at a time. First chicken liver mousse with immature strawberries, dried grapes, cornichons pistachio nuts & toasted sourdough bread.

Bar DoMa

Steak tartare on moose with pumpkin, oyster slinging & lingonberries was an dish that really breathed of nothern sweden. Pikeperch with butter sauce, kohlrabi & cress was a smooth perfectly cooked piece of fish.

Chambre separée at Bar DoMa

If you are a larger company, I saw that there were two tables for up to 10 people, which were a little secluded. One overlooks the large wine cellar. If you are a large bunch, the kitchen can put together a menu ”where the kitchen asks for free hands and you share everything at the table ”. This arrangement costs 560:- pp.

Chambre separée at DoMa
Chambre separée at DoMa

Perfect with places you can slip in without booking a table forever in advance. And where both the food is good and the staff really nice! Here we are guaranteed to go again, next time however perhaps with a little more foresight and try the restaurant on the ground floor!

Restaurant DoMa: Nybrogatan 48. Their web can be found here.

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